Peterborough has a rich and colourful history, surrounded by things to do and historic buildings to admire. There are endless options for shopping, places to eat, things to do and attractions to keep you entertained.

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Things To Do

Burghley House

This historic Elizabethan house (circa 1587) features a serpentine park that was designed by Lancelot Brown and a gothic greenhouse and stables.

Peterborough Cathedral

Peterborough Cathedral is one of the finest Norman cathedrals in England. Founded as a monastic community in 654 AD, it became one of the most significant medieval abbeys in the country.

Ferry Meadows in Nene Park

The ideal place for family day out. One of the largest country parks in the region. Situated at the heart of Nene Park, its varied landscapes make it the favourite destination for thousands of visitors throughout the year. 

Key Theatre Peterborough

Modern glass-fronted cultural and entertainment venue with a 94-seat studio plus main auditorium.

Showcase Cinema de Lux Peterborough

Modern multiscreen cinema with digital projection and sound equipment, plus a custom party service.

Queensgate Shopping Centre

Peterborough city centre’s leading shopping destination. Enjoy an emporium of department stores, boutiques, cafés and beauty parlours.